Isn't the grammar checker I use adequate enough to ensure my manuscript is clean and tight?

No, grammar checkers aren't foolproof. Until a software package can read your writer mind, a checker will never be a substitute for a strong understanding of the subtle relationship between words and meaning. Grammar involves meaning and intent. Only you know want you want your readers to grasp from your sentence. Unfortunately, a grammar checker merely looks to see if the words are strung together in an acceptable manner. Most checkers are geared toward business writing, are programmed with hard and fast rules, and won't recognize literary style or voice.

Why three editing stages?

Good editing is made up of several levels, which means one editor can't find everything the first time she or he reviews a manuscript.

How long does all this fun last?

Generally, the process takes four to six weeks. Of course, this all depends on how much time you have to rewrite and revise.

How much will all this fun cost me?

Good question! $250 holds a spot for you in my editing lineup. I credit that fee towards your invoice total. After that, you have two options:

  • Editorial Option #1: $45 per hour (one-hour minimum). After the first hour, I bill on the quarter hour ($11.25). I invoice you after the Second Look-See. Once payment is received, I release my edits to your manuscript.

  • Editorial Option #2: $0.02 per word based on your original word count at the First Look-See stage. Once payment is received, I release my edits to your manuscript.

Which option should you choose? If you're certain your manuscript is clean, tight, and ready for publishing, choose Option #1. If you don't like surprises, choose Option #2. Either option does require a $250 deposit payable before the First Look-See stage. I'll be happy to make a recommendation for which option suits your manuscript after the New-Client Look-See.

Additional Option: For an extra $250, I'll write a log line and several book blurb versions for your manuscript.

Face-t0-Face Review: FREE! We can discuss my remarks regarding your manuscript via Skype or FaceTime.

Speaking of money, how do I pay you?

PayPal is my pal when it comes to payment. I'll give you the specifics when we agree to work together.

What if I decide not to work with you after the New-Client Look-See?

No hard feelings. Really.

What if I choose not to work with you after I've signed on the dotted line and we've done a little work together?

Simply pay me for the time already incurred as well as a $250 kill fee.

Are there any genres you prefer not to work with?

Nope. I love 'em all!

Any other details you think I ought to know?

I'm not responsible for any changes, discrepancies, etc. made to your manuscript after I've signed off on what we'll call the Final, Edited Document (after the Final Look-See).

I have a different project, i.e., short story, novella, non-fiction book, website, etc. I'd like to work with you on that doesn't quite fit your fiction manuscript time and fee schedule. Interested?

Don't know, but I'm willing to discuss it. Email me here with the partics.

You've sold me! I'm ready to hire you. What now?

Click here to email me and get the process started!

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