Remember, the more time you spend fixing things, the less money you spend on me fixing them.

  • Is your manuscript in Microsoft Word? (Please, no PDFs. I can't edit a PDF file.)

  • Is your typeface 12-point, Times New Roman?

  • Is your manuscript double-spaced, left-justified?

  • Have you included a one- to two-page summary/synopsis of your story? (This doesn't have to be a formal synopsis. Just something that tells me what the story is about, the main points of the story, your characters, etc. Also, let me know the genre, intended audience, and full manuscript word count. Feel free to make it a separate file from your manuscript.)

  • Is this your proprietary work? (Sorry, I have to ask. You'd be surprised at the number of pirates that think they can call something their own if they make a few tweaks and pay to have it edited.)

  • Have you completed a thorough self-edit? (Not sure what I mean by that? Click here for tips on what to look for while self-editing.)

Before You Send Your Sample